Queer Choir Amsterdam is an artistic initiative that premises the creation of a brave space to celebrate our unique identities and voices. Through our rehearsals and performances we express our ideas for the futures we desire and the narratives we want to share.

The queer community often gathers and functions in spaces of celebration and night life all of which were greatly affected during the pandemic, this gave us an incentive to create our own safe space beyond these confines, one that is run by and for queer people.

In the unification of our voices we create harmonies, but also distinctively recognise the varied nature of the human voice and honing agency over our voices.
Queer Choir Amsterdam was founded by artists Shreya de Souza, Mylou Oord and Sarah Naqvi and is conducted by Vera Morais. Queer Choir Amsterdam is currently carried on by Shreya, Mylou and Vera.

In order to sustain itself and thrive  the choir is working on new ways of structuring itself. More on this soon!


performance at Oude Kerk, photo by Maarten Nauw.