The Queer Choir Amsterdam F.A.Q.

We are Shreya de Souza, Mylou Oord and Sarah Naqvi. We’re all artists that live and work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The Queer Choir is an initiative by us 3 that came about. We want to bring together a group of queer people as we collectively face a global pandemic. We hope to restore a sense of community and belonging in a time where access to safe spaces of solidarity and celebration of self is limited and also denied. We believe queer marginalised people are in need of these spaces, and communities now more than ever and see it as our responsibility to navigate and create those opportunities as practitioners and fellow members of the queer community. With a keen urge to communicate our care and translate it into voices and songs that celebrate resilience, joy, and reflect this onto spaces both public and domestic. Voices matter and need to be heard to know that one is never alone.

The rehearsals will take place at one of our studio’s located in Amsterdam. You will receive the address, dates and times after you’ve signed up with the choir. You can do that by sending us an e-mail or dm.

We are using quite a large space (100m2) and are currently looking for 12 people to join our choir to keep rehearsal safe and with 1,5 m distance. We will also provide plexiglass partition walls and will make sure everyone has a designated spot. We also want to encourage everyone to wear their mask at all times when not singing. If you don’t have a mask or forgot your mask we’ll make sure there’s plenty available. As well as hand sanitiser.

Yes! Our choir director is Vera Morais. You can find more information about her in the ‘about’ section of this website.

We plan to write our own with your input.

Not at all! We want to encourage everybody to join, singing experience or not! But experience is great!

Yes, we can definitely keep this in mind while filming and if you do happen to be in the image we will find a solution (i.e. blur your face)

We would like to work towards at least one big performance in the near future where we perform 2-3 songs.

You can always DM us on instagram, or e-mail us at

Although we are very flattered with your curiousity, perhaps this is not the choir for you right now. But please contact us if you feel you’re an ally or want to help out one way or another.

Note: BIPOC people and people with disabilities will be in preference and are encouraged to apply. The building where our studio is located is only wheelchair accessible to the ground floor, but unfortunately not to the second floor where our rehearsal space is located. Incase wheelchair accessibility is needed we will do our utmost best to find an accessible rehearsal space.

Yes! Tell us how you would like to help out. Think of things like, making food, costume design, stage building. Please contact us by DM or e-mail

We hope to pay for all of this through funding. We’re currently still in the process of applying for different types of funds. Like Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and others. If you would like to help out by giving us money please contact us directly at